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Happy Zombie Jesus Day Everybody! And If youre not Christian and dont care about eggz n shit then happy 4/20 bitches!

omg! XD

Happy Easter BEN by Haven-Sollux
Zelda — Ben Drowned by onisuu
I know the last picture I put up of me wasn’t too great.. So here’s this one!

I know the last picture I put up of me wasn’t too great.. So here’s this one!


imagine Laughing Jack eating too many kids at once and getting sick





hi, a lot of people say it is smart to not eat gf yet if you are testing your blood, which makes sense to me as you will heal then. if you suspect it is celiac your biopsy wont be reliable xx

They already took the blood and told me to start eating gf. I haven’t started yet

Wow at the notes lol

Wow at the notes lol

A Clitoris is actually an undeveloped penis; since we all, at some point, are both male and female in the uterus, before the dominate gene takes over, the penis on a female and a male is actually the same. And once the dominate gene takes over for a male, the clit actually develops into a penis, so technically, when a girl says: suck my dick… I guess it’s kinda politically correct…








That’s also why guys have nipples. 

wow i actually didn’t know that

Lol when I took gender studies in high school our teacher told us this and every guy in the room looked terrified

Basic mammalian biology.

Ok guys, time for some Tumblr TMI. I went to the doctor today & I know it looks like I’m prego but I’m not. That’s the problem. I get so bloated that I look pregnant every time I eat. So I got tested for a gluten allergy. They took 3 tubes of blood & poked me with a needle in both arms. You best believe I got a freakin sticker afterward! I won’t get the test results for about a week but I’m 90% sure I have it. So that means I can’t eat anything with wheat or flour. No bread, pasta, baked goods & a whole bunch of other things. So we’ll see what happens but that’s what’s going on with me right now if anyone cares lol XD